Performance and Time Arts: January 24 & 25, 2014

January 24 & 25, 2014 8pm
March 14 & 15, 2014 8pm
April 25 & 26, 2014 8pm

A project of Contemporary Dance Theater


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Friday & Saturday
January 24 & 25, 2013
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$12 general admission
$8 students and seniors
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$15 general admission
$12 students and seniors

What is Performance and Time Arts?

A project of Contemporary Dance Theater, Performance and Time Arts (PTA) is Cincinnati’s longest-running performance art series showcasing new work in dance, music, theater, spoken-word and multi-media.

In the laboratory setting of the 1890s College Hill Town Hall, both seasoned and emerging artists are given the opportunity to share innovative work and experiments with Cincinnati audiences.

Cincinnati CityBeat says PTA “consistently brings together the city’s most eclectic and edgy batch of performing arts.” 


PTA: Performance and Time Arts, January 2014 is produced by Judith Mikita and the PTA Committee. The roster of artists assembled for the January 2014 concert includes seasoned professionals with long resumes alongside young risk-takers, and nationally-touring visitors encountering Cincinnati favorites.

PTA: Provoke the Audience

Eileen Tull, actress and stand-up comedienne wallops Weight/Training, an experimental performance art piece that explores the obsessive desperation of diet and exercise as practiced within the privacy of one’s own home. The audience is exposed to the trauma we may inflict on ourselves when no one else is watching. Clearly a heavy-hitter, Tull comes to the PTA from recent shows in Chicago and New York City.


PTA: Physical, Theatrical, Auditory

Demetrius Klein, acclaimed dancer and choreographer, premieres Winter Suite, in collaboration with Gregory Albright, composer and musician.  Kinsey DeVarga and Gabriel Klein, add an innovative Video/Slide installation. Demetrius Klein’s work has been described by Deborah Jowitt of the Village Voice as “Fully wrought and interpreted, beautifully phrased, precisely weighted and brilliantly executed.”


PTA: Palpably Tenacious Art

DJ Berard, award-winning visual artist and painter meets Jennifer Habel, Coordinator of creative writing at UC and published poet. One paints, the other reads; but instead of the act of painting being the ‘art’, as it was in the 6os and 70s, it will be the visual progression and finish that is the ‘art’, working together as a finished piece.


PTA: Professional Testing Area

Amanda Milligan with Emily Chu, Roxanne Daly, Emily Henderson, and Jazmine Rutherford, dancers/choreographers build (or burn) Bridges, made of abstracted vignettes that tell the story of finding connection in a society that values independence and isolation. Each of the dancers brings her own preexisting solo; and together they assemble a cohesive blend, a collage of movement. Bridges is a work beyond experiment.


PTA: Provide to Artists

Douglas Sutton, hot/cool musician/percussionist is making a name for himself as go-to drummer and dance accompanist for Cincinnati Ballet School as well as UC/CCM Dance. He proves himself here as a solo performer.


The Performance & Time Arts series has a 20-year history of presenting adventurous and experimental performance art, giving a venue to talented and creative artists.  Amidst of all the provocation, audiences are warmed by baked treats during intermission.

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