Performance and Time Arts: April 25 & 26, 2014


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Friday & Saturday
April 25 & 26, 2014
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$12 general admission
$8 students and seniors
ONLY through preceding Thursday
$15 general admission
$12 students and seniors

What is Performance and Time Arts?

A project of Contemporary Dance Theater, Performance and Time Arts (PTA) is Cincinnati’s longest-running performance art series showcasing new work in dance, music, theater, spoken-word and multi-media.

In the laboratory setting of the 1890s College Hill Town Hall, both seasoned and emerging artists are given the opportunity to share innovative work and experiments with Cincinnati audiences.

Cincinnati CityBeat says PTA “consistently brings together the city’s most eclectic and edgy batch of performing arts.” 


PTA: Performance and Time Arts, April 2014 is produced by poet, Keith Wahle


Performance and Time Arts returns for its last show of the season at 8:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, April 25-26 at the College Hill Town Hall, 1805 Larch Avenue in Cincinnati. The p.t.a. series continues its long history of presenting experimental, unconventional, and neglected performance work from a variety of disciplines.

The April show will be a Fund Raiser show, with artists (many of whom have performed earlier in the season) donating their time to help raise money to defray production and publicity costs for the rest of the season.

  • Dance by Colleen Byrne and Mindy Nagel
  • Dance by Chelsea Goettge
  • Dance by Kari Olson
  • Dance by Isabelle Provosty
  • Belly Dance by Troupe Shuruq
  • Music by Turkar Gasimzada
  • Poetry by Kim Armstrong
  • Prose Poems by F. Keith Wahle
  • Performance Art by Christopher Cox, Allison Kemphaus, Kate Nordyke, and Dara O’Laughlin

Performance and Time Arts has a strong commitment to putting new faces in front of its audiences. Kim Armstrong is a new voice on the Cincinnati Poetry Scene. PTA is happy to have her as part of this show.

Colleen Byrne and Mindy Nagel are both former members of MamLuft&Co. Dance. Ms. Byrne has also choreographed for both Performance and Time Arts and Contemporary Dance Theater’s Area Choreographers Concerts. Ms. Nagel has also performed for both p.t.a. and the Choreographers Concerts in the past.

Christopher Cox, Allison Kemphaus, Kate Nordyke, and Dara O’Laughlin all have strong backgrounds in yoga, gymnastics, and very dance disciplines, or some combination of the three. They have performed together at various venues in Cincinnati and southern Ohio.

Turkar Gasimzada, from the Azerbaijan Republic, is a Doctoral Candidate in Composition at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music. He has presented compositions in two previous p.t.a. shows. His work has also been performed in both the Sonic Explorations series and the Café MoMus series at CCM. He has also had work in various international composition competitions.

Chelsea Goettge, originally from Athens, Ohio, has performed for p.t.a. several times, both as a soloist and as a collaborator with other artists. Most recently, she performed with Bloom Dance Project.

Kari Olson has described herself as an engineer by day and a dancer by night. She has also performed for p.t.a. many times, often in collaboration with other artists.

Isabelle Provosty has previously choreographed for p.t.a., and has performed in numerous other settings, including The Mockbee, and CDT’s Choreographers Concerts.

Troupe Shuruq is an energetic, and elaborately costumed company of Belly Dancers. They, also, have performed for p.t.a. in the past.

F. Keith Wahle is a widely published poet. His poem, “How to Write a Sestina” was recently reprinted in the anthology, Obsession: Sestinas in the Twenty-First Century.

This will be an opportunity to see a wide range of unique and creative artists at a very affordable price, and help contribute to the continuation of alternative arts in Cincinnati.

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