Adult & Teen Classes Summer 2017


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Below is our regular class schedule for adults/teens.  We will post most schedule variations (especially last minute ones!) and class registration reminders and updates on our CDT Facebook page.

WEEKS OF AUG 14 & 21:  We will have ONLY the Monday night classes as drop-in classes – Hip Hop w/ Steve 7-8pm and Musical Theater Dance w/ Steve 8-9pm.  No other classes will be held those weeks.

See our Fall “Try-it-Out” class schedule HERE!  Aug 28-Sept 7

Classes are held at our studios at the College Hill Town Hall, at 1805 Larch Ave, Cincinnati, 45224

Adult Class Schedule Summer 2017
June 5 – Aug 10

No classes Tuesday, July 4
10 weeks drop-in classes
Two 4-week sessions for “pre-registration required” classes

Download a PDF of the schedule here Download the Registration Form Here

Time Class Instructor (Studio)


-Drop-in any week, pay per class or use a Flex Card
 Steve Irwin (C)

MUSICAL THEATER DANCE (Pre-registration required)
Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Drop-in on Aug 7 $14/$15 or use a Flex Card

 Steve Irwin (A or C)

Beginner & Intermediate
July drop-in dates are July 11 & 18 ONLY, with Jan Blunt. See flier HERE!

Jeanne Speier & Jan Blunt (A)


-Drop-in any week, pay per class or use a Flex Card

Michelle Morano


MODERN DANCE BASICS  (pre-registration required)  Beginner & Advanced Beginner
Cancelled for Session 2

Alissa Stachowski (A)


-Drop-in any week, pay per class or use a Flex Card

Steve Irwin (A or C)
7:45-8:45p LATIN DANCE BASICS (Salsa included) (pre-registration required)  Beginner, Advanced Beginnner
Cancelled for Session 2
Amos Brown (A or C)

AFRICAN DANCE – 2 classes in July only!
July 13 & 20 ONLY!

Jan Blunt (A)
July 13 & 20 ONLY!

-Drop-in any week, pay per class or use a Flex Card

Glenda Figueiredo (A & C)
7:15-8:45p BALLET BASICS 1 & 2: STRETCH & STRENGTHEN (pre-registration required) Beginner/Advanced Beginner
Cancelled for Session 2
Allison Jacobs (C)

BELLY DANCE BASICS (pre-registration required)   Beginner/Advanced Beginner
This class is over for session 2 – register for Fall quarter!

Irene Mirci (B)

 Check back for special workshops or masterclasses on Saturdays.


Certified Katherine Dunham Technique instructors Jeanne Speier & Jan Blunt will offer classes in 

African-Caribbean based Dunham Modern technique on Tuesdays 6:15pm
for adults & teens (ages 13 & up)
Jeanne teaching:  June 6, 13, 20 & 27
Jan teaching: July 11 & 18

Jan will also offer
African Dance classes on Thursdays, July 13 & 20, 6:15-7:45pm
for adults & teens (ages 13 & up) and children ages 8-12 with accompanying adult in class

Register for all 4 of Jan’s classes in July for a discount:  $40 cash/check, $43 credit card, or drop-in to one of her classes

Check at CDT and on our Facebook page for more updates!

What age & general level are these adult & teen classes for?

You are at the Adult & Teens class page. All these “adult classes” are mixed level and for adults and teens 13+, except where noted.

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How do you register?

Download a PDF of the schedule here Download the Registration Form Here

There are two kinds of adult/teen classes: “drop-in” and “pre-registration required.”
DROP-IN classes for Summer 2017:  Modern Dance, Modern Jazz Fusion, Hip Hop.  Session 2 (July) will also have African and Dunham Technique drop-in classes July 11, 13, 18 & 20 – see flier HERE.
You DO NOT need to register for these classes.
You may begin taking these “drop-in” classes at any time during a session and do not need to wait until a new quarter begins.  These are mixed level classes.

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED classes for Summer 2017:  Dunham Modern (Session 1), Latin Dance Basics (Salsa), Ballet Basics: Stretch & Strengthen, Belly Dance Basics, Musical Theater Dance, Modern Dance Basics, and all Kids Dance classes (Hip Hop for Kids,  Shake & Create, Modern for Kids, Ballet for Kids).

These classes require you to pre-register by the deadlines of Thursday, June 1 & Friday, July 7 – drop-ins are only allowed if minimum pre-registration is met. You may pre-register by downloading the registration form here and sending it or bringing it to the studio by the registration deadlines for each class. Or you can register online (below) and emailing, mailing, or bringing the registration to the studio.  The studio is usually only open during class times or by appointment.

How much do the classes cost? When are registrations due?

Adult Drop-In Classes (Ages 13 – Adult)

Begin taking these mixed level classes at any time, come as often as you are able

Modern •
 Modern Jazz Fusion  Hip Hop
 African/Dunham Technique with Jan Blunt
(July 11 & 18 Dunham, July 13 & 20 African)

$14 per class cash/check OR $15 per class credit card

 or use a
5 class card: $60 cash/check OR $63 credit card
10 class card: $100 cash/check OR $105 credit card

Flex Cards expire 3 months from date of issue,
Non-refundable, non-transferrable

Not valid for Guest Artist Masterclasses or “pre-registration required” classes


Pre-Registration-Required Classes

Two 4-week sessions
Session 1:  June 5 – June 29
Session 2:  July 10 – Aug 3 

$40 cash/check or $43 credit card per session

Registration deadlines:  June 1 & July 7
For late registrations turned in after deadlines – add $10

*If minimum registrations are met and class runs, drop-ins will be allowed at:
$14 cash/check or $15 credit card (no flex cards)

Dunham Technique: African-Caribbean based Modern (Session 1)  Beginner/Intermediate
Latin Dance Basics (Salsa & More!)  
Beginners/Advanced Beginners
Ballet Basics 1 & 2: Stretch & Strengthen – Thursdays  Beginner/Advanced Beginner
Belly Dance Basics Beginner/Intermediate 
Musical Theater Dance  Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Modern Dance Basics  Beginner/Advanced Beginner

NEW:  All 4 of Jan Blunt’s Dunham & African Dance classes: discounted at $40/$43!  Or drop-in to Jan’s classes.

Thursday, June 1 & Friday, July 7
Please register at least one week before the deadline

IMPORTANT: If minimum registration is not met by deadline, class will be cancelled.
Contact us immediately if you miss a deadline as space may still be available – late fees will apply. Payment is due with registration.  Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable and may be used only for the quarter registered.

Payments with cash/check/credit card can be made at the studio during class times, Mon-Thurs evenings. Credit cards accepted over the phone (513) 591-1222 — if not answered please leave a message to be returned.  No refunds for missed classes by students.  Make-up classes for CDT cancelled classes (due to weather, instructor illness, etc.) – July 3 – 6 & Aug 7-10

Payment may also be made with credit card and PayPal accounts here (below) for adult/teen classes which require pre-registration.  After paying online, please email us at dance@cdt-dance.org with participant’s name if different from name on credit card.  New students must also turn in a registration form on or before the first class.

These classes are still available to register for, and the price includes the late fee (7/9/17)

Choose Adult/Teen Classes

Download the Registration Form Here

Can’t afford to take as many classes as you would like?  
Volunteer work exchange may be available. Click here for information.

Need help?

Download a PDF of the schedule here Download the Registration Form Here

Contact dance@cdt-dance.org or (513) 591-1222 if you still have questions.
Please note the studio is not open during the daytime, so someone may not be able to return your call until the evenings when classes are in session.

What is each class about? Who is the teacher?

Classes are listed by class title.

Have you always wanted to learn Ballet? Well this is the class for you. In this class you will be introduced to the basics of Ballet including barre work, jumps, turns, leaps, and small combinations. Special emphasis will be placed on strengthening the muscles used in ballet & increasing overall flexibility! Basic Ballet vocabulary will also be taught. Pre-registration is required for this class.  This class is ideal for beginner ballet dancers as well as dancers who want a slower paced ballet class with more explanation on technique, and want to be able to ask questions, while getting a great stretching and strengthening workout.  

ALLISON JACOBS has been dancing and teaching in greater Cincinnati and New York City for the past twenty years. Her dance training is primarily focused on Ballet and Modern. However, Allison is also well versed in Tap, Jazz, Hip-hop, Musical Theater, Swing, and Contact Improvisation. Allison has worked with Tanze Performing Arts Studio, Hamilton Ballet Theater, Miami Valley Ballet Theater, Long Island University, Contemporary Dance Theater, Ballet Tech, and Fresh Air Fund. Most recently, Allison has taught dance for Contemporary Dance Theater, Cincinnati Waldorf School, Cincinnati Public Schools, MamLuft&Co. Dance, as well as for the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Public Libraries. As a lover of all dance and all art forms, Allison is also a proud member of the Greater Cincinnati Dance Alliance, a group who engages the community in dance. In addition to teaching dance, Allison is a graduate of Kent State University with a Masters in Library Science, as well as Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minors in dance, honors, sociology, and art history. For more information, please feel free to email her at allison@cdt-dance.org

BELLY DANCE BASICS – These classes will teach the foundational steps common in many styles of Arab Dances all throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East. The dance course is taught in Classic Egyptian style, also known as Dance Oriental. Focus will be on the basic movements of the hips and chest, including: conscious application and practice of geometrical shapes particular to this ancient art (circles, spirals, figure eights); pulsating rhythmic movements (locks); and vibrating rhythmic movements (shimmies). Students will learn dance steps, examine Arab Folklore related to dance, and take a brief look at its origins and history.  A choreographed dance will be taught over the entire session.  Students should bring a scarf to tie around your hips to aid with body awareness. Pre-registration is required for this class.  

IRENE MIRCI is originally from Rome, Italy, but spent her youth in Australia. Her travels around the world as a tour leader have taken her as far as India, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and all over Europe, but her real passion is for dance. In Italy, Irene was introduced to Belly Dance by American anthropologist Louise Melita, and she later continued her studies with two instructors from Egypt, Amal Khalifa and Saad Ismail, who passed on their deep knowledge of this ancient art in different ways. Amal Khalifa is a dancer and performer who interprets the Egyptian style with impeccable elegance, while Saad Ismail, highly esteemed with more than 40 years teaching experience, shares M. Reda’s style and a deep technical insight. Irene’s studies then continued with Maria Luisa Sales, who’s Belly Dance teaching techniques are strongly influenced by her background in Classic Indian Bharatanatyam and Classic Persian dance. Here in US Irene continued her studies with Niran al Ubaidi and Shakira al-Fanninah, and has attended workshops with Morocco, Karim Nagi,  Faten Munger, Hadia (Canada), just to name a few. Recently she has studied deeply embodied movement with Fanchon Shur. 

DUNHAM MODERN TECHNIQUE SUMMER WORKSHOP: AFRO-CARIBBEAN BASED MODERN  – Learn the Afro-Caribbean based Modern dance technique created by Katherine Dunham.  The class includes barre, center, across the floor, and choreography in the Dunham style.  

Session 1 : “Beyond the Dance” – Katherine Dunham Technique.  She was called the “Matriarch of Black Dance”.  She described her technique as a way of life.  Katherine Dunham – anthropologist, dancer, choreographer, activist, and humanist – revolutionized American dance in the 1930’s. Her legendary dance technique reflects a fusion of many cultures. She founded the Katherine Dunham Dance group devoted to African-American and Afro-Caribbean dance.  Instructor Jeanne Speier, award winning student of Katherine Dunham, will be teaching an introduction to this empowering and beautiful dance technique. The focus of this series goes beyond the dance, encompassing Dunham’s philosophy, world vision and synthesis of Afro-Haitian dance.

Learn more about the significant contributions of Katherine Dunham here.  See a flier about the class here.

This class is a “pre-registration required” class for Summer Session 1.  
This class will be offered on select dates in July on a drop-in basis, and will be taught by Jan Blunt, along with Jeanne Speier, dates and times TBA.

JEANNE SPEIER (Session 1:  June) was a student of Miss Katherine Dunham in East St. Louis at her performing arts training center and she performed with her student company throughout the Midwest. She was selected to perform at Carnegie Hall with three generations of Dunham companies when Miss Dunham received the Albert Schweitzer humanitarian award in 1979. Jeanne is a certified Dunham teacher and member of the Dunham certification board. She has also taught this technique at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, The New School and at the Katherine Dunham Seminars in East St. Louis.

JAN BLUNT (Session 2, July 11, 13, 18, 20) is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, where she began her dancing and teaching career, and was a founding member of Cincinnati’s African American Drum and Dance Ensemble, as well as the Espere Liturgical Dance Ensemble.  She earned her undergraduate degree at Hampton University, where she majored in Mass Communications and Broadcasting, and danced with the school’s dance company, the Terpsichoreans.  She relocated to Southern California in 1986 and became a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  She is a fifth grade teacher and Arts Coordinator at Loyola Village Fine and Performing Arts Magnet School.  She has been a student of Dunham technique for 25 years, and is a certified Dunham Technique Instructor.  In Los Angeles, Jan has danced with Djimbe West African Drummer and Dancers, Embrasamba Afro-Brazilian Dance Company, and Grupo Afro Bahia Brazilian Dance Ensemble, Sona Sane’ African Dance Ensemble and was artistic director of Abalaye African Dance Ensemble.  She has taught Dunham Technique classes and workshops at Lula Washington Dance Theater, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Cortinez High School for the Arts, Ciara Dance, Contemporary Dance Theater (Cincinnati), and teaches Jazz Dance for the Los Angeles School District Conservatory of Fine Arts for students gifted in the arts.  She earned her Master’s degree in Educational Administration at California State University, Northridge.  Close proximity to Hollywood has afforded many opportunities, and she has television, movie and music video credits, but she is far more focused on the education of young people, in academics as well as the arts.  See a flier about Jan’s classes HERE!

HIP HOPBeginner and intermediate level Hip Hop with creative choreography set to the latest Hip Hop/R&B music.

STEVE IRWIN has been dancing and teaching professionally for over twenty-five years. He has performed all over the world on cruise ships, at dinner theaters, and at theme parks. Steve’s teaching credits include Northern Kentucky University, Governor’s School of the Arts, Playhouse in the Park, and is currently on staff at Cincinnati Ballet, Wyoming Center for the Arts, and CCM. Steve also offers private lessons and is available to choreograph for individuals, musicals, and events such as flash mobs and weddings.  See Steve’s Facebook page here.  He is pleased to be teaching at CDT.

MODERN DANCE (See also Modern Jazz Fusion & Modern Basics)—Mixed-level and mixed-origin Modern Dance classes will explore various Modern Dance styles and techniques. The classes aim to improve your flexibility, range of motion, technical knowledge, musicality, artistic range, and understanding of basic modern dance principles.

MICHELLE MORANO graduated with honors from Ohio University School of Dance.  She is a certified Pilates and Yoga teacher and has her own studio in the Kenwood area where she works with private clients.  Along with extensive performance experience, Michelle’s choreography has been seen in Cincinnati’s Fringe Festival, in collaborations with Moving Art Dance Company, and MamLuft&Co. Dance.

MODERN BASICS – If you are new to Modern Dance, or would like to take a more basic class, this is for you.  This class will be designed for an absolute beginner through advanced beginner level.  Learn and practice basic modern dance movement and concepts over the session.  The goal of this class is to give you a good overview of Modern dance at a slower pace, so that you will feel comfortable taking CDT’s other Modern Dance classes.  Pre-registration is required for this class & drop-ins will only be allowed if pre-registration minimum is met.

ALISSA STACHOWSKI holds a BA degree in Dance from The University of Akron, with an emphasis on ballet and modern dance. Before college, she grew up taking classes in tap, jazz, and acrobatics/gymnastics. She has taught dance and fitness classes to kids and adults, as well as worked at after school programs for children and teens.  Alissa is currently the Studio Manager and Volunteers Coordinator at CDT and she currently takes all of the modern dance classes at CDT. For questions about Modern Basics or any of the modern classes, please email alissa@cdt-dance.org.

COLLEEN BYRNE (sub) performed for four years with MamLuft&Co. Dance. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from The University of Akron, where she was the recipient of multiple scholarship awards and studied Modern, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, and dance composition. Colleen has performed stagings of David Parsons’ and Petipa works, as well as works by Hernando Cortez of Verb Ballets and Amy Querin of Fresno Dance Collective. She has also studied with Doug Varone and Dancers. Colleen has taught in Akron and Cleveland, Ohio, and teaches children with Webby Dance Company. As a student, Colleen’s choreography has been adjudicated at the American College Dance Festival; as a professional, she has presented work at The Area Choreographers Festival (Cincinnati, OH), The Moving Collective (Louisville, KY), and Dance Cincinnati 2011.  Recently Colleen recently received her doctoral degree in physical therapy from the University of Cincinnati and currently works as a physical therapist full-time.

MODERN JAZZ FUSION — This class is designed as a unique mix of modern, ballet and jazz.  Barre work, center, across the floor sequences, polyrhythmic movements and improvisation will be part of the class routine.  Modern Jazz is a class to explore basic techniques in a different perspective.  It brings the best of dancing in its eclectic character.

GLENDA FIGUEIREDO began her training when she was three years old in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her dance background is Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Traditional Brazilian dances and Contemporary dance, the last being her true passion. She has been dancing and teaching professionally for over 12 years. She has performed throughout Brazil, as well as in Argentina and Chile with a dance company from Rio de Janeiro.  She has been part of countless dance events (television shows and dance competitions) in Brazil with brilliant outcomes. In the US, Glenda was a dancer for Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus for 5 years, where she also had her aerial training and performed over 400 shows a year. After spending  time on the road, she went back to Brazil and got a degree in Education (Portuguese and English), but she was never far from dance. Together with her love and dedication for performing she has also managed to keep up a passion for teaching. Her goal as an instructor is to give her best to the students and bring out the best of them. Always intense, during her classes she looks for extra sources of creativity and energy. She is a kind woman and passionate artist ready to dance and live life to the fullest.

MUSICAL THEATER DANCE Learn routines set to the fun and catchy tunes from Broadway, featuring a wide variety of choreography set to songs from Broadway and movie musicals. Steve’s classes expand on jazz and ballet basics with dances that have character and personality. This class is for advanced beginners and intermediate dancers from any dance background.  Pre-registration is required for this class. 

STEVE IRWIN has been dancing and teaching professionally for over twenty-five years. He has performed all over the world on cruise ships, at dinner theaters, and at theme parks. Steve’s teaching credits include Northern Kentucky University, Governor’s School of the Arts, Playhouse in the Park,  and is currently on staff at Cincinnati Ballet, Wyoming Center for the Arts, and CCM. Steve also offers private lessons and is available to choreograph for individuals, musicals, and events such as flash mobs and weddings. See Steve’s Facebook page here. He is pleased to be teaching at CDT.

LATIN DANCE BASICS (SALSA & MORE)!  This quarter we will offer a beginner class for those with little or no Latin Dance or Salsa dance experience.  Learn the basics to get you out on the dance floor this summer!  No need to register with a partner, but it is recommended that students try to find a partner to take class and practice with. Pre-registration is required for this class.

AMOS BROWN began his dance training with parents Amos Sr. and Alpha Omega Brown. He won his first dance contest with his baby sister Felicia under their parents tutelage. His dance interests include modern, jazz, hip hop, Latin, African, and occasionally some classical dance genres, working with Shekinah Glory Dancers, opening up for gospel recording artist Darwin Hopps, and learning Ballroom from former Champion Susie Lasko, winning first prizes in Cha, Cha, Cha, and Swing competitions. He has also worked as an Actor/Cotton Club Swing Dancer in the play, This Joint is Jumping produced by Norbert Brown, the creature of A Good Man is Hard to Find. Amos’ theater interests drew him to audition with Ballet Tech Cincinnati where he performed in Shall We Dance, The Conductors, Green Legs and Ham, Made in America, and Jazzy Sleeping Beauty. In 2009, Amos won the Salsa category in the So You Think You Can Dance Competition in Dayton, Ohio. He then learned Rueda and joined and performed with Cincinnati’s first Rueda dance team Pan n Canela. In 2015 Amos performed with Global Water Dances-Cincinnati.  Amos is currently teaching LA, NY, and Casio/Miami style salsa. From Amos, “I would like to personally thank all of the individual’s master instructors across the country, who helped me in my personal development in the art of salsa dancing and teaching. Thank you, Eddie Torres, Shaka Gonzalez Brown, Rogelio Moreno, Henry Herrera, Patricia Paz “Rueda.”

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Can’t afford to take as many classes as you would like?  Volunteer work exchange may be available. See here for information.