Call for Area Choreographers Festival Submissions


Thank you for your interest! Applications are now closed for the 2016 ACF. Please check back for information regarding the submission process for the 2017 Area Choreographers Festival. 

Contemporary Dance Theater has proudly supported the efforts of local artists for 43 years.

Each spring, Contemporary Dance Theater produces a performance featuring local and regional artists, called Area Choreographers Festival (in the past, Choreographers Without Companies). Priority consideration will be given to artists with ties to the Greater Cincinnati region who are making contemporary dance and are seriously committed to choreographing for area professional-level dancers. Choreographers may submit more than one proposal, but a maximum of one proposal per choreographer may be accepted for this year’s concert.



How to Apply

Application requirements:

1. A video of recent work (within the last 3 years).

2. A bio of the choreographer (one page or less, should include training and previous choreographic experience).

3. A description of the work; this should include as much information as is known at the time, such as: subject matter or style; accompaniment, number of dancers; length in minutes; new or reworked; technical demands; set and or costume issues; rehearsal needs or plans.

4. Accepted artists will be asked to provide 2-4 high resolution images for marketing purposes as soon as possible after acceptance. If you do not have such images now, please do not let that deter you from applying.


    • All works must be new/premieres.
    • The work may not exceed 15 minutes.
    • The work cannot be a work created to satisfy an educational requirement (master’s project, thesis project, etc.).
    • Applications that are late or substantially incomplete will not be considered; however, all the information about the project need not be determined by submission time.

Materials that are transmissible by email should be sent to jefferson@cdt-dance.org.

Applicants may send other completed application materials to:

Contemporary Dance Theater
Attn: Area Choreographers Festival
1805 Larch Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45224-2928

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of peers, and participants will be notified through email.


Please email Artistic & Executive Director, Jefferson James at jefferson@cdt-dance.org or call her at 513-591-2557.

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