Interview with the Artist: Vivian Kim

How do you feel the Cincinnati area has played a role in your creative process? 

I moved out to Cincinnati the summer after I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  I didn’t know much about the city, but I knew there was more performance art. After joining MamLuft&Company Dance, dancing with professionals, and being in a new area with knew things to experience. I really felt inspired to be create a new dance work.

What do you feel is the most unique element to your piece? 

The costumes that don’t play into gender rolls or gender “norms”. Both of my dancers are dressed in neutral colored “under clothing” items, and I think that adds to my piece in a way that I didn’t think was possible.  

What or who are the biggest influences for you on this piece? 

I was inspired by all of the news of transgender people in the news and in my life. More and more transgendered people are feeling brave enough to open up and show people who they really are. Changing, accepting, yourself and then telling people in your life that this is who you really are is an extremely brave thing to be able to do.

In your piece, how do you feel gender presents itself most?

Initially, I was going to create this piece so that the transitions between the two dancers into the opposite gender was blatant and obvious. However, after I started setting choreography, I realized that extravagant costuming and gestures weren’t necessary. It’s obvious that these two are transitioning and it’s obvious through the choreography and relationship between each other.

 If you could describe your piece with three words what would they be?

Self discovery and exploration.

About Vivian Kim

Vivian Kim is making her debut as a choreographer this summer at the Area Choreographer’s Festival. Vivian’s dance training started at a local studio in Nebraska. She transitioned into studying Modern Dance her first year at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She has recently graduated from the UNL with a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance. During her time at UNL she performed works choreographed by Kendra Portier, Jenna Riegel, and Kayvon Pourazar. She’s studied in master classes and intensives with Pilobolus, David Dorfman Dance, Repertory Dance Theatre, Jean-Rene Del Soin, Martha Graham Dance Company, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, and many others.

Currently, she is finishing up her first season with local resident company, MamLuft&Company Dance. Vivian is honored to have this opportunity to show work for Cincinnati. She hopes that you all enjoy the show with open hearts and minds.