Call for PTA Proposals

The Performance & Time Arts Committee welcomes proposals for new work.

In keeping with the edgy, experimental character of PTA, there are no hard and fast guidelines, except that work be original, manageable in length (10-20 minutes), and suited to the technical capabilities of the College Hill Town Hall performance space.

To propose a work, please provide the following information in a separate word document and e-mail them, along with a resume, to jefferson@cdt-dance.org.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email


  •  1. Description of your previous performance work in general, including media, message, dates & places of performances, influences or collaborators. You may also list publications, recordings, on-line artwork postings, or gallery installations if relevant.
  •  2. Description of the work you are proposing to perform, including media, idea or topic, number of performers and approximate length.
  •  3. PTA concert date for which you are proposing to perform. You may list more than one option – this year’s dates are listed below, we may also hold proposals for future considerations if the artists are willing.
  •  4. Name and contact info of a person or people who know your work and could tell the committee about it.

Supplemental materials such as photographs, reviews or video/DVD/audio recordings that can’t be e-mailed, may be mailed to or dropped off at:

Contemporary Dance Theater
1805 Larch Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45224

Shows for the 2018-2019 Season will be on Nov 9 & 10, Feb 8 & 9, March 29 & 30, May 3 & 4.

Thank you for your interest in performing in PTA!

If you would like to join our PTA volunteer committee to produce or assist with our PTA shows, please email dance@cdt-dance.org.  

Please send your questions to jefferson@cdt-dance.org.