PTA Artist: Acro Fusion Performance Troupe

Acro Fusion Performance Troupe

Acro Fusion Performance Troupe is a group of Cincinnati based performance artists specializing in the creative fusion of acrobatics, yoga, dance, and martial arts movements.  Acro Fusion currently consists of four primary performer/choreographers, Kate Nordyke, Christopher Cox, Allison Kemphaus, and Dara O’Loughlin, along with Matt Schnuth, Kristin Osborn and Amanda Bloomquist.  Kate, Christopher, Dara, and Allison have been working collaboratively for the past three years, creating and performing works at numerous events and venues in the greater tri-state area.  Performance credits include the Jubilee Yoga Festival (October, 2012), Cincinnati VegFest (April, 2013), The Art of Hair Runway Show at the Carnegie Center (January, 2014), Contemporary Dance Theater’s Performance and Time Arts Showcase (April, 2014), Contemporary Art Center’s “Bodies in Urban Spaces” (June, 2014), and the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (Nov, 2015).

There will be different performance pieces as well as performers each night!

Friday, March 18:  Matt Schnuth and Kristin Osborn

Title:  Young and Beautiful, AcroYoga Duet

Bios:  Matt and Kristin have been practicing AcroYoga for close to three years, attending workshops across the US to broaden and hone their skills. AcroYoga has inspired Matt and Kristin to keep a sense of playfulness throughout all aspects of their lives and taught them valuable lessons in communication. They love to share their passion through performance, workshops, and private lessons. Follow them at @kristinirene_o, @schnuthmeister, and @cincyacro or contact CincyAcro@gmail.com for more information. 

Saturday, March 19:  Kate Nordyke

Title:  Coma Dreams, Act 2, Solo Chair Routine
Description:  Coma Dreams is a ballet written by Gregory Rowland Evans in collaboration with Cincinnati’s Acro Fusion Performance Troupe. The piece focuses on taking familiar sounds, decontextualizing them, and transforming them until they are unrecognizable from their original state. The uncanny is often a subject of dreaming. Occasionally the subject matter is interrupted by pure unedited sounds like real life seeping into the dream state.

Bio:  Kate Nordyke formally began her journey in the movement arts at age five, when her mom enrolled her in ballet/tap class at the local rec. center. From that point forward, movement expression has been an indelible part of her life. Over the years, she has trained in a number of dance disciplines, including ballet, tap, jazz, and Irish dance. More recently, she has begun exploring other forms of movement art including yoga and acrobatics.

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