PTA Artist: Amelia Koper Heintzelman

 Amelia Koper Heintzelman

Amelia Koper Heintzelman is a Cincinnati based dance choreographer, performer, and teacher. Her professional work has been presented in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. She has previously danced with MamLuft&Co Dance Company, Selene Carter, and Susan Koper (sk|dancers). Her creative work includes various projects with musical collaborator Albert Sigman, and with her fellow cofounder of The Middle Space Dance Company, Leah Fournier.

Description of the piece:   This dance piece explores our relationship to our natural environment and the world around us. A trio of women embody different natural elements, such as water, forests, and lightning storms.  It examines what happens when we mistreat our surroundings, focusing on the after effects of global warming, climate change, and pollution.

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