PTA Artist: Amelia Koper Heintzelman

 PTA Feb 16 Amelia

Amelia Koper Heintzelman, an Indiana Native, was first introduced to dance by her mother, also a dancer. She attended Indiana University Bloomington, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology with a focus in Contemporary Dance. While at school she was awarded the Jane Fox Student Service award for her role as a leader within The Movement Cooperative, a student dance organization. She has studied with professional artists Alex Springer and Kathleen Hermesdorf at the Bates Dance Festival. Her work has been shown at the Asheville Fringe Festival and The Alley Theatre in Louisville Kentucky.  She currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where she dances with MamLuft & Company Dance, teaches, and creates. “I dance because the form facilitates an out of body freedom; this is the impulse I act on and my souvenir of the beauty of living.”

 PTA Feb 16 Albert

Albert Sigman (accompanist) an Ohio native, has been playing music his whole life. This is his first foray into blending dance with music and other media. He is especially fascinated with the nexus of art and technology and looks forward to diving deeper into the new creations such a relationship can achieve. He also plays in various bands around Cincinnati including Neverbird and Fluffer.

Title of piece:  Building Bones

Description of piece:  This multidisciplinary new work creates a sensory experience in which audience members are invited to become a part of the physical landscape created both sonically and on stage. “Building Bones” serves as a reminiscent eulogy to the mystery of the past, what at times can feel like a foreign country. The storm scenery is an echo of the creator’s hopes that viewers experience similar nostalgia.

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