PTA Artist: Amirah Al-Shuruq


Amirah Al-Shuruq, from Cincinnati, OH, has been a professional Egyptian style dancer for the past 3 years, performing for international audiences at restaurants, corporate events, shows, and private parties across the region. Amirah has travelled across the United States and Egypt to study the beautiful art of belly dance and learn about the culture. She graduated from the School for Creative and Performing Arts with a Major in Dance and Minor in Visual Art.

Title of piece: Abridged journey through emotions of Egyptian improvised dance

Description of piece:  The music of a traditional belly dance set includes a dynamic entrance, introspective ecstasy, simple soulful improvisation, folklore, and a happy upbeat closing. Amirah will take you on an abbreviated journey highlighting the emotions of the typical set, using samples of Egyptian music. 

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