PTA Artist: Derek J Snow

DEREK J. SNOW – Writer & Director

Derek J. Snow has been an actor and director in the Cincinnati area for several years. He was a performer and collaborative writer in Performance Gallery’s Shirtzencockle and Other Bother at the 2015 and 2016 Cincy Fringe Festivals. He has recently been seen collaborating with Pones, Inc., QCQC and Queen City Flash. His short play, That Week Off/That Off-Week was recently accepted into the Short + Sweet Festival 2013-15 for ten-minute plays in Sydney, Australia and was performed there in January 2018. Derek is a proud graduate of the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) and the University of Cincinnati. He has been a proud member of the greater Cincinnati arts community for almost 30 years, most recently seen as a resident actor at the Know Theatre of Cincinnati, Studio Theatre, Inc., and currently Performance Gallery for the last 15 years.

Performance Description:

TitleWhen It’s Cold

Characters & Featured Actors:  Ronnie: Betsy Bossart, Marcus: Aaron Bates, Alice: Ashley Olivia Morton

Why did they end up here? How do they get by on so little? What do they need to get back on their feet? These questions don’t always have easy answers. Proper solutions are not always available. The extent of someone’s past troubles can be impossible to know. This piece will look at the lives of three homeless individuals in the literal and figurative winters of their lives. It will be a stylized spoken-word script that alternates between street poetry and prose. In this, and through this work, we hope to highlight some of the unseen stories that plague our homeless citizenry.

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