PTA Artist: Elenya Stephani

 Feb 2016 PTA Elenya

Elenya Stephani is a student at The School for Creative and Performing Arts, majoring in Creative Writing. For the last 12 years Elenya has found herself gracing the stage as a dancer and is very excited to have the opportunity to explore dramatic arts in her second PTA production. In February of 2015, Elenya performed two of her poems, “Again” and “Screams Within Alone Again” in the PTA show “One Way Road on a Two Way Street”. She has performed in SCPA’s The Nutcracker (2009-2014), The Hobbit, and James and the Giant Peach.

Title of piece:  My Mother

Description of piece: A girl has a role model she calls “mother”, though she is not her biological mother. The mother changes the girl’s life, but has to leave the girl to go be happy. It explores how she accepts the loss of her “mother”.

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