PTA Artist: Holly Price


Performance Description:  Coming soon

BIO:   Holly fell in love with art at Northern Kentucky University where she graduated in December of 1999 with a Bachelor of art and a dance minor. Since then she has participated and created art and performance in Cincinnati for over 18 years. She explores a variety of artistic disciplines, but the human body has always remained the focus that has tied her experience and studies together. “For me art is a gift to my own humanity,” Holly says. 

She hopes to inspire people to learn more about themselves and the world around them through creating mini-studies of life that reflect, describe, communicate, and spark thoughts and wonder.  Contemporary Dance Theater and Performance and Time Arts series were a big part of her early dance life and she says she always feels at  home when she returns. She has had the pleasure of dancing for Dianne Germaine, Judith Mikita and had the privilege to work with Fanchon Shur on her piece Fight, Flight, Freeze instincts for healthy living for many years. 

About 14 years ago she started receiving formal training in aerial ballet. First at a workshop by Jo Krieter called “Off the Ground Dances” in San Francisco, then followed by aerial silks workshops in Vermont through Nimble Arts Studio. She worked with Rebecca Bedel for many years creating Pilobolus-like movement and then explored aerial silks, and also with Jamming Talent Productions as an aerialist.  She received an Individual Artist grant through the city of Cincinnati in 2009-2010. She then taught aerial silks at Bella Forza Fitness for 4 years and now is teaching at Elevated Aerials.

Last year she was an aerialist in the Fringe Festival piece called “Clara” by Ally Michaud and Carely Wilson. She also performed with Exhale Dance Tribe’s annual Halloween show. Meanwhile she has been fortunate to have worked at BodyMind Balance Pilates and GYROTONICS  Studio teaching Pilates for almost 15 years, and just recently became a GYROTONIC teacher.

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