PTA Artist: Jamila C. Wright

JAMILA C. WRIGHT – Musician, Songwriter, Vocalist & Poet

Jamila Wright was born and raised in Cincinnati in the small village of Lincoln Heights, and has been performing in some way since she was a little girl. She began singing in the church at a young age where she first discovered her passion for music. Jamila began teaching herself how to play the piano in high school so that she could stop performing a cappella, and feed her need for music, as well as to begin cultivating her own. As an adult, she received a 12-string guitar as a gift, which peaked her interest in the instrument. After finding out that this was not the best kind to learn on, she bought a smaller acoustic electric guitar and began teaching herself how to play, in order to add it to her musical repertoire. Jamila’s unique musical stylings are highly requested, and she still performs around the city at different church functions as well as other shows and events, including the November PTA program in 2017, where she was a part of Diana L. Ford’s piece.

Performance Description:

Title – Poetry & Musical Compilation.

This piece will explore a variety of aspects that reflect our life experiences involving ignorance, anxiety, fear, faith, love, and loss.

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