PTA Artist: Julius Jenkins

JULIUS JENKINS – Choreographer & Founder of Heroes Rise

Heroes Rise started as a street dance competition, which brought street style dancers from all over the country to compete against local talent for a top prize. This group has now evolved to include the Street Dance Experience performance team.

Founded in 2012 by Julius Jenkins, Heroes Rise seeks to create a platform for street style dance in Cincinnati. By hosting an amazing competition and the creation of the Heroes Rise performance group, Jenkins is striving to make Heroes Rise Cincinnati’s first street dance academy, allowing nontraditional dancers to showcase their talents in a structure built specifically for them is Jenkins’ mission.

On the heels of the extremely well received production, Heroes Rise: Street Dance Experience at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Jenkins hopes to continue engaging, entertaining and educating audiences with true street dance art.  His current goal is to bring true street dance culture back to light in the Greater Cincinnati Area, where he is working closely with various organizations to achieve this dream.


Performance Description:

Title – Heroes Rise: Street Dance Experience (Excerpts)

This piece will include sets performed in the original Heroes Rise: Street Dance Experience showcase as well as new pieces. The connecting theme is freedom to choose, and how complicated those seemingly apparent choices can be.

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