PTA Artist: Mary Kroner

Mary Kroner is a singer/songwriter/storyteller who has worn many hats.

Title: Any River

Written and performed by: Mary Kroner

Visuals by: Rocky Fuller

Rocky Fuller is a professional illustrator and an amateur naturalist. And a full time varmint lover.

“Any River” is a short telling of a long history, and a love offering to Cincinnati’s Mill Creek and to those who have been and are working to restore and sustain its health as we all continue to learn to live together.

Mary’s credits: Just about all info in this piece is from Stanley Hedeen’s book, “The Mill Creek,” an unnatural history of an urban stream. I have also benefited from Joe Rosemeyer of WCPO’s on-line piece, “Morning on the Mill Creek; my trip down the region’s notorious river of poo,” and from Groundwork Mill Creek’s website. Alan and Tanner at Groundwork Cincinnati have lent photos to this piece. Robin Corathers has been an important inspiration.  Mary Ann and Vinny Meehan have helped in many ways. Valerie Chronis Bicket and Peter Lloyd and all those in our Tuesday night songwriters group have been of great help.  David Tape is covering my shift tonight!


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