PTA Artist: Michelle Bump Morano

 PTA Michelle - Upside Down Split Pose


Michelle Bump Morano – Choreographer & Dancer

Michelle Bump Morano graduated with honors from Ohio University School of Dance. Since 2001, she has worked with various dance artists in the Cincinnati area as performer, collaborator and teacher. She has been involved as a dancer/choreographer with the Secret Commonwealth Folk Dance Opera projects founded by Dan Dutton. She has also worked with a variety of other companies in the USA, including Mind Collision Dance Company, Pilobolus, Shawn Womack Dance Company, Village Productions Contemporary Ballet Company, Mark Taylor Dance Company, and Liz Lerman. 

Additionally, Michelle has danced and collaborated as a performer/choreographer in numerous local companies and with dance artists in Greater Cincinnati. She has worked extensively with choreographer Diane Germaine, primarily as a soloist in many of her pieces. Most recently she performed as a soloist in Germaine’s works, the “Green Girl” which was featured at the 2014 Ohio Dance Festival, and in “The Empty Room” performed for ACF. Both pieces were also performed at different Cincinnati venues.

Michelle was a participant at a yearlong teacher-training program called “Embodying Creative Leadership (ECL)”. This program was created and orchestrated by local choreographer movement analyst, therapist and teacher Fanchon Shur. Michelle’s piece, “Chasing Light, Caught in the Shadows”, evolved out of her growth through the ECL training program. Her own work has been seen in Cincinnati’s Fringe Festival in collaborations with Moving Art Dance Company and as guest artist with Mamluft&Co. Dance. 

Michelle is a certified Pilates and Yoga teacher and has her own studio in the Kenwood area where she works with private clients. She teaches Dance and Composition at Linda Krumme’s ‘Gotta Dance‘ studio in Cincinnati.

Performance Description:

Title – Chasing Light, Caught in the Shadows

The dance explores two sides of suffering, “unnecessary, and the inevitable inescapable suffering as depicted through the interplay of “light and “shadow”. The light, when caught in shadow, reveals four scenarios of suffering, some natural and others unjust, as experienced through the animal realms. Ultimately, shadows dissolve, while light remains.

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