PTA Artist: Nicole A. Hershey

NICOLE A. HERSHEY – Choreographer & Dancer

Nicole A. Hershey has written and directed two dance-theater ​shows in Cincinnati Fringe Festival—In the Midst, the Middle, the Muddle, in​ ​Amongst (2015) and Through the Mickle Woods (2016)—and co-directed Southern Gothic (2016) with InBocca Performance. She was a member of MamLuft&Co Dance for their 2013-2014 season, and began dancing with InBocca Performance and Pones Inc. in 2014. Her favorite roles include the Red Queen in InBocca’s ALICE​ ​(2017)​, ​and​ ​a ​f​ate in Heavier Than… (2017) at The Know Theatre of Cincinnati.

Performance Description:

Title – Said the Eye to the Hand

This is a Modern dance and theatrical piece. Said the Eye to the Hand explores the relationship of the LGBTQ community and Christianity, specifically the United Methodist Church (UMC). It will also demonstrate this mix of ideas through movement and monologues coming from Anna’s (College Church Pastor) personal essays.

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