N.R.G. da NU RA GODDEZZ (Amber Nicolle) – Spoken Word Artist

N.R.G. (pronounced eNeRGy) da NU RA GODDEZZ is a self-published author as well as an artist of the spoken word genre. Her free-spirited manner and her vibrant voice has a way of captivating her listeners. N.R.G. will take them to a state of euphoria, by expressing her thoughts on love and spirituality, then smack them back down to Earth with her thoughts about society and politics as she flows over Hip-Hop, Reggae and various musical rhythms. Born Amber Nicolle in Cincinnati, Ohio during the blizzard of 1978, she started writing at the age of 8. Her collection of pieces grew as she matriculated through high school, and N.R.G. continued to evolve as an Artist when she moved to Atlanta, GA in 1996 in search of a ‘higher education’ at Clark Atlanta University. In 2002, after watching Tamika ‘Georgia Me’ Harper deliver a powerful piece full of truth, N.R.G. found the inspiration and courage to speak and grab the microphone. She believes everyone has a Divine Purpose and she is fulfilling hers by writing and speaking the Truth.

N.R.G. continues to perform independently at local venues in Cincinnati. She has made numerous appearances since returning to her hometown including performing at: The Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion (2012); Cliff Fennell’s ‘The Greatest Show (2011 & 2013); The Findlay Market’s Annual Arts and Poetry Showcase (2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016); a feature act in Kool Ken’s 2012 Official Cincinnati Cypher as well as premiering on his Stop The Violence Soundtrack in 2011; guest appearance on Xpressions w/Brother Michael X Vincent on 88.3; guest appearance on Barry Poetic Session with Life da Poet and Barry Stewart; guest appearance on A New Generation of Faith w/Redeemed Hardy; Talking Drum with Oginga Khamisi; and various open mic shows throughout the city. In 2016, she performed in her first PTA show at CDT under the direction of Diana L. Ford.


Performance Description:

Titles – Poetry Compilation: Can’t Be Love & And Anotha One

N.R.G. da NU RA GODDEZZ will be doing a medley of her work, which will be accompanied by music tracks to enhance the message. The piece will consist of themes in social justice, self-awareness, and relationship issues that women accept.

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