PTA NRG Nov 2016 

N.R.G. da NU RA GODDEZZ – Spoken Word Artist
N.R.G. (pronounced eNeRGy) da NU RA GODDEZZ is a writer as well as an artist of the spoken word genre. On paper she goes by Amber Nicolle, but on the stage she is N.R.G.  This word sorceress intrigues the reader, or the audience with her tasteful use of metaphors and elaborate detail.  Holding nothing back and leaving nothing untouched, she writes to leave wrinkles on the minds of her readers. N.R.G. will take them from a state of euphoria, by expressing her thoughts on love and spirituality, then smack them back down to Earth with her thoughts about society and politics. When performing, N.R.G.’s presence is undeniable. Her free-spirited manner and her vibrant voice have a way of captivating her listeners and taking them on a voyage in her mental spaceship! This is no different on paper. It’s as if her words speak to you from the pages.

N.R.G. was born in Cincinnati, OH during the blizzard of 1978. She started writing as a child. Initially, she was writing short stories, and was a member of The Young Authors of America at the age of 8. Then, she made the transition into writing poetry. Her pieces began to add up as she grew older and matriculated through high school. Most time writing to relieve tension and to get over a broken-heart, her pen and her pad were her best friends. N.R.G. continued to write and evolve as an Artist when she moved to Atlanta, GA in search of a ‘higher education.’ She attended Clark Atlanta University from 1996-2000, and here a lot of culture was added to the ingredients of her work. This is where her views began to change and the whole impact of the state of the world became evident in her writing. It was also in Atlanta, where N.R.G. was introduced to the Spoken Word genre. In 2002, after watching poet/spoken word artist Tamika ‘Georgia Me’ Harper, deliver a message so powerful and full of truth, N.R.G. knew this is what she wanted to do with her work. She changed her name to Rebma (which is her given name backwards) for performances, and it represented the mirror image of her writings. It wasn’t until 2005 that she became N.R.G. the Nu Ra Goddess, a name given to her by her then managers, Ms. Nikee and Rak with Ra Ra Entertainment. N.R.G. performed at a weekly showcase in Atlanta, hosted by Ra Ra Entertainment. The name Rebma just wasn’t vibrant enough, but when she became N.R.G. you could see and feel a difference on the stage.

N.R.G. has since parted ways with that entertainment group, but continues to perform independently at local venues in Cincinnati.  She has made numerous appearances since returning to her hometown including: performing at The Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion 2012; Cliff Fennell’s ‘The Greatest Show 2011/2013; The Findlay Market’s Annual Arts and Poetry Showcase 2012/2013/2015/2016; a feature in Kool Ken’s 2012 Official Cincinnati Cypher as well as featuring on his Stop The Violence Soundtrack 2011; guest appearance on Xpressions w/Brother Michael X Vincent on 88.3; guest appearance on Barry Poetic Session with Life da Poet and Barry Stewart; guest appearance on A New Generation of Faith w/Redeemed Hardy; Talking Drum with Oginga Khamisi; and various open mic shows throughout the city. The most rewarding performance in Cincinnati was The Bob Marley Tribute for Leah Saho!  N.R.G. was asked to write a bio-poem of Bob’s life. This performance led to numerous opportunities for N.R.G., including her own monthly open mic night with Living Proof at Pluto’s Cafe.  The writing and research that came along with that piece, took N.R.G. to another level. Now more inspired by the Reggae genre, her pieces have a nu energy. She has built relationships with some of the Legends and Elders of Cincinnati, and anticipates the great works to continue.

In late 2014 N.R.G. self-published volume one of her first book entitled “Thoughts of a Waterbearer: Thinkin’ Randomly,” a collaboration of her various poems. Presently, N.R.G. (now spelling her name with two z’s), is working on her debut album entitled RAW eNeRGy: 1st TRANZMIZZION. This is an album filled with spoken word over various types of musical tracks. N.R.G. describes it as, a NU REVOLTIONARY GENRE.  N.R.G. defines herself thru HIP-HOP! She credits her style to the influences of JJ Fad, Outkast, Goodie M.O.B., Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, India Aire and of course ‘Georgia Me’!

Amber Nicolle a.k.a. N.R.G. da NU RA GODDEZZ, believes everyone has a Divine Purpose and she is fulfilling hers by writing and speaking the Truth. Also, check her out on Soundcloud or Youtube!


Titles of PTA Performance Pieces:Nu Lyfe, Breathe/Amerikkka & NuVu

Performance Description:  N.R.G. da NU RA GODDEZZ will be doing a medley of her work. Her poems are reflections and perceptions of life, and all of its experiences. N.R.G.’s poetry deals with a wide range of human emotion and social issues.

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