PTA Artist: Preston B. Charles III

PRESTON B. CHARLES III –  Musician & Storyteller

Born in the West End of Cincinnati and growing up in the suburbs of Silverton, had a lot to do with Preston’s personal growth and perspective of his(Our) world. He quickly fell in love with the subject of music at age 4, and he pursued his studies privately and in school up until he was 18 years old. Throughout his educational development, Preston had a passion for writing as well as other forms of communication. In pursuit to finding a peace in his life and that of others, he chose to embark on the road less traveled, and see the many ventures that would await him. Now he is expanding his expression of art that would be lucid and more tangible, educational, and invoking. To include visual aspects and verbiage to the music is a new yet purposeful area Preston is exploring. For this and the other things to come, he gives thanks.


Performance Description:

Title – Current State of the Race of Man

From the Universal Center – Theyone is a Watcher or a Being of Observation. He is told to go to a different world and report the state of humankind, to see whether if they could join or be left in solitude. However, the Observation must be pure and unaltered. They must send someone out to embark on this perilous journey.

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