PTA Artist: Robin Alicia-Clare Hoskins

PTA Nov 2015 Robin Alicia-Clare Hoskins 

 Robin Alicia-Clare Hoskins  – Model, Actress, Singer & Songwriter

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Communications at the University of Cincinnati in 2008, Robin Alicia-Clare Hoskins moved from the rural areas in Clermont County to Over-the-Rhine, where she began working as a performance artist in 2009.  There, she first met her mentor, Frank Hibrandt, founder of Permafringe Projects.  For final Friday events, Miss Hoskins would be placed in storefront windows, along with other various places on Main Street, to do pantomime or dance movements.  She became well known for holding characters in particular poses for long periods of time, which led her to her career in life figure modeling in 2012.  She started her modeling career in Manifest drawing studio, and has continued working at the Art Academy, including many other studios in the city. Miss Hoskins has also worked as an actor with Iyas Nashid, Hip -Hop artist and founder of LFO (Live From Ohio Productions), on a number of music videos and short films.

Robin Alicia-Clare is a singer, songwriter and rapper.  After a short time hosting open mic events at Cincy By the Slice in 2013, she decided to focus on recording her music.  In October of 2014, she completed and released her debut album, “Outcries.” Miss Hoskins is continuing to further her career as a performance artist and model, and she is looking forward to future projects in her community.

Performance Description:

Title – Outcries

Original songs written and sang by Robin Alicia-Clare Hoskins. Her work offers some light-hearted and hard-hitting messages about everyday life.

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