PTA Artists: F. Keith Wahle, Gregory Rowland Evans, Elenya Stephani

F Keith Wahle Improv

F. Keith Wahle received his MFA degree from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His poems have been published in numerous magazines and journals, and he has received several Individual Artist Fellowships from the Ohio Arts Council. Several years ago, he began writing what he now calls “Un-poems”—short carelessly written works which emphasize spontaneity over craftsmanship. Un-poems are to literature what doodles are to drawing. He is grateful to Greg and Elenya for joining him in this exercise in literary and performance anarchy.

 Gregory Rowland Evans is a cellist and composer working and studying in Cincinnati. He will graduate this spring from the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music.

Gregory Rowland Evans PTA Photo









Elenya Stephani is a student at The School for Creative and Performing Arts, majoring in Creative Writing. Elenya has previously performed for p.t.a. in February 2015 and February 2016, reciting her written work. As a dancer, she performed in SCPA’s The Nutcracker, The Hobbit, and James and the Giant Peach, among others.




Title of the piece:  The Art of the Un-Poem

Description of the piece:  “Un-poems” are so named because of the rapid and relatively careless manner in which they are composed. F. Keith Wahle will read his poems and will be accompanied on cello by Gregory Rowland Evans, a Composition student at U.C.’s College Conservatory of Music. The collaborative performance will also include dance improvisations by Elenya Stephani.

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